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PRC Services

Testing & Development

Oil Pump Dynomometer

PRC's oil pump dynomometer simulates the RPM, Oil Flow and Pressure bleed of a running engine. We are able to change the dyno settings to mimic the engine. 


PRC has decades of experience designing and developing oil systems to optimize efficiency and performance.

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Repairs and rebuilds

PRC Assembly and Rebuild 

PRC rotors are true helical cut rotors held to extremely tight tolerances which makes our rotors capable of self driving. The manufacturing process necessary to hold these tolerances is time consuming but makes PRC rotors perform exceptionally well throughout the entire RPM band.

PRC pressure gears!

PRC pressure gears provide maximum swept volume per length which provides an efficient and stable pressure curves.

PRC Pressure Relief Manifold!

PRC pressure relief manifold designs are specific to the application and ensures stable control of the pressure curve throughout the entire RPM band.

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