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PRC Dry Sump Oil Pumps

Why do you need a PRC pump?

PRC Helical Scavenge Rotors!

PRC rotors are true helical cut rotors held to extremely tight tolerances which makes our rotors capable of self driving. The manufacturing process necessary to hold these tolerances is time consuming but makes PRC rotors perform exceptionally well throughout the entire RPM band.

PRC pressure gears!

PRC pressure gears provide maximum swept volume per length which provides an efficient and stable pressure curves.

PRC Pressure Relief Manifold!

PRC pressure relief manifold designs are specific to the application and ensures stable control of the pressure curve throughout the entire RPM band.


PRC cam driven oil pumps are widely used by championship winning sprint car teams. PRC works directly with engine builders to customize the oil pump specifications to fit their application.

Durham Late Model Applicatiion Bkt.PNG

PRC's new 5 stage Late Model Oil Pump was designed for maximum performance. Building on our success in sprint car racing, we are committed to helping our Late Model customers WIN races and Championships!  

PRC belt drive oil pumps have been winning races and championships for many years. Multiple options for mounting pumps are currently available along with the resources to design an application specific mounting design that fits your requirement. 

OPAS01 Asm Ports.PNG
OPAS01 Asm iso.PNG

PRC has extensive experience designing and manufacturing application specific dry sumps with direct sump mount oil pumps. Because all components of PRC pumps are manufactured in-house, we are capable of achieving very difficult packaging challenges that sometimes seem impossible. Imagination is a powerful thing. Let us help you create a competitive advantage for your engine package.

3314 Asm, Scavenge-Ports.PNG
3314 Asm, Scavenge-iso.PNG
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