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PRC-Kistler Sprint Car Kit

PRC and Kistler Engines partnered to design and manufacture a fully integrated oil system and water pump kit. Using a systems approach, we designed the oil pump and front cover to encapsulate all oil passages in "tracks" to clean up excessive oil lines that are customary for sprint car engine builds. This greatly improves safety and allowed us to go to a unique 6 stage oil pump. The collaboration with Paul Kistler's decades of experience has proved invaluable. We fully expect to see this package leading races in 2020 and exemplifies PRC's and Kistler Engine's commitment to innovation and excellence! Kits will be available through PRC or Kistler Engines in 2020.


- Integrated 6 Stage Dry Sump Oil Pump

   with 5 sets x 1.5" helical scavenge rotors

- Integrated filter mount in front cover assy

- Industry standard 1/2" cam hex drive

- Integrated PRC water pump

- Integrated Dry Sump assembly

- Integrated Oil tank assembly

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